Collect eXtra points every time you buy an eligible LOCTITE® adhesive product from participating distributors from the range below.  Scroll down to see the point value by product category.

LOCTITE® Adhesive Technologies

CategoryProductProduct Number/DescriptionPoints
ThreadlockersActivatorKlean 'N Prime™25
ThreadlockersRed High Strength262™, 263™, 271™,272™, 277™25
ThreadlockersRed High Strength StickRed Stick Threadlocker25
ThreadlockersPurple Low Strength222™25
ThreadlockersBlue Medium Strength243™, 242®25
ThreadlockersMedium Strength StickBlue Stick Threadlocker25
ThreadlockersGreen Wicking Grade290™25
Thread SealantsGeneral PurposePST® 592™, PST® 565™25
Thread SealantsHydraulic545™25
Thread SealantsThreadsealant StickPST® Thread Sealant Stick25
Retaining ProductsHigh Strength640™, 660™15
Retaining ProductsHigh Temperature620™15
Liquid GasketsGeneral Purpose Anaerobic515™, 518™25
Liquid GasketsGeneral Purpose SiliconRTV 587™, RTV 5699™, Ready Gasket15
Liquid GasketsHigh Performance SiliconRTV 598™, RTV Red Silicone15
Liquid GasketsHigh Temperature SiliconRTV 598™, RTV Red Silicone15
Repair AdhesivesMirror AdhesiveRearview Mirror Adhesive15
Repair AdhesivesInstant Bonding AdhesiveSuper Glue15
Repair AdhesivesUniversal Emergency RepairHY 4070™, 3092™25
LubricantsAnti-seize Lubricant StickCopper, Silver Anti-Seize Stick15
LubricantsAnti-seize LubricantCopper, Silver Anti-Seize15
LubricantsDielectric PasteDielectric Tune-Up Grease15
LubricantsRust NeutralizerExtend® Rust Treatment15
Specialty ProductsGasket RemoverSF 79025
Specialty ProductsHand Cleaner WipesSF 761725
Specialty ProductsThread Treatment Sticks KitKit25
Specialty ProductsTapeInsulating & Sealing Wrap25